AKKO Powered $500 Screen Warranty




Powered by AKKO, this One Year Screen Warranty is a great way to give you additional peace of mind with you ScreenFilm™ or Liquid Glass purchase! If the your screen breaks within one year after registration, AKKO pays , with a ZERO DOLLAR deductible for you! *Repair must be done at an approved AKKO repair shop to have the warranty work done!

How it works:

  1. Install any of Axiom ScreenFilm or our Liquid Glass Screen Protection to your device, and purchase an activation code here with coverage enough for a retail price screen replacement.
  2. Provide us a cellphone number at checkout or reach out to us after your purchase to provide your phone number
  3. You will get a text to complete warranty registration.
  4. After completion, you are covered for a one year period if their screen breaks!


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